1. Products are clearly and completely identified.
  2. All technical documentation defining the products, such as standards, specifications, drawings, etc., are clearly identified, are on correct revision level, and are enclosed when required;
  3. Requirements for examination, inspection and related instructions for acceptance by ADC and or the customer/regulatory authority.
  4. When required, quality records, such as testing/inspection certificates, statistical process control charts, quality system certificate, warrants, etc., are explicitly requested in the purchase order;
  5. Where appropriate, purchasing documents include requirements for qualification of products, procedures, processes, equipment, or personnel that are used in the realization of products being purchased.
  6. Supplier notification to ADC of non-conforming material and possible arrangements for approval and acceptance of the suppliers’ non-conforming material.
  7. Requirements for change order control of product or processes and their approval process.
  8. Right of access at the supplier or subsequent supplier facility for inspection of the facilities quality system, product and records to support product and
  9. Requirements for flow-down of suppliers to sub-tiers, whether customer directed or not, of applicable quality and technical requirements including key characteristics when applicable and review for out-sourcing to customer approved sources.
  10. Suppliers must ensure that all purchased items are supplied by authorized manufacturers [I.e., Original Equipment Manufacturer [OEM] or Original Component Manufacturer [OCM] in accordance with SAE AS6174 Counterfeit Material; Assuring Acquisition of Authentic and Conforming Material] only to prevent counterfeit material from entering the supply chain.
  11. Suppliers must have a Foreign Object Debris / Foreign Object Detection [FOD] Program in place to ensure parts and components are free from contaminates and other types of FOD; unless otherwise stated on the PO.
  12. Suppliers must ensure that purchased parts and components supplied are free from mercury and / or have not come in contact with mercury.
  13. All external providers who are certified to Aerospace Standard AS9100 / ISO 9001 or accredited to NADCAP for special processes or ISO / IEC 17025 for calibration services must have current certification / accreditation at the time of processing and must only use qualified personnel in the performance of the special process, calibration or work performed. Suppliers’ cert submitted with each shipment must state AS9100, ISO9001, NADCAP or 17025 certified / accredited, as applicable.
  14. All records to be retained for 10 years.
  15. When our PO identifies a DO / DX rated order in accordance with DPAS 15 CFR 700 then supplier must give priority and schedule to the extent possible the rated order to ensure delivery by the required due date in accordance with Defense Priorities and Allocations System Requirements [DPAS]
  16. As a supplier to ADC, it is important that you are aware of your contributions:
    1. To our products and /or service conformity
    2. To product safety and in meeting our requirements, when imposed
    3. To the importance or ethical behavior, including honesty and integrity in business conduct.

ADC Form 098 Rev B 3/18/20