What is Die Casting

For the die casting process, your metal material is melted and then transferring into a mold or a steel die. These molds or steel die allow us to mold the metal into the shape of the part you need for your project. Once the mold is filled it has a brief cooling off period to allow the metal to harden.

Types of metal materials we use:

  • Aluminum
  • Zinc

Types of Dies

Dies are typically broken up into four categories:: single cavity, multiple cavity, combination and unit dies.

Single cavity die- straight forward, has only one cavity

Multiple cavity die– has more than one cavity but they are all identical

Family cavity die– also has more than one cavity but they are of different shapes

Unit dies – completely separate dies used to make varied components

What is CNC Machining

CNC stands for “computer numerical control”, this means that a computer software is instructing the machine vs. a live operator guiding the machine tool. CNC machining maximizes efficiency by removing the possibility of human error; of course there is still the possibility of the machine making mistakes – typically due to it cutting in multiple directions simultaneously but it is less frequent. Visit our CNC Machining page to learn more about the benefits of CNC machines.

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